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The perfect alternative to the manual arm polisher:
• much faster;
• more production;
• best quality finish on any material.

It features:

Processing of polygonal surfaces
Upgrade software/hardware kit to automatically control the tool pressure and the processing of polygonal surfaces (optional).

Automatic Processing Runs
The user-friendly software of the Siemens Controller programs the working cycle for the entire sequence of tools.

Safe and quick-connect tool change.

Bearings and linear guides
Bearing and linear guides made of special steel to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Remote Control
Remote button panel with joystick to control the orthogonal movements of the operating head when processing slabs with out-of-square cuts.

Tilting table
Hydraulic tilting table (optional).

Easy Transport
Easy to load, unload, transport and install thanks to its monolithic body.

Denver Stone

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